Top Multifamily Property Owners

2013 Top Apartment Owners

Our observation is that successful owners are not just traders in and out of properties each time a cap rate adjustment occurs. Cycles come and go, but long-term ownership keeps you looking smarter year over year.

MHN Podcast: Top Owners 2013

In this edition of our research podcast, Jack Kern and Mike Ratliff take a look at the changing nature of ownership structure and strategies.

MHN Podcast: Investment Activity Ramps Up

A look at investment activity.

2013 Leading Apartment Investors

Apartments had an impressive year when it came to transaction activity in 2012. Our list shows exactly who the biggest players were.

2012 Top Owners

Our 2012 look at the top real estate owners had lead us to believe that hold periods are getting longer, certainly ranging from the usual five to even 10 years before a property is spun off, with some holdings now spanning generations.

MHN Podcast: Top Owners

In this edition of the Power Index Podcast, Jack Kern and Mike Ratliff take a look at the changing nature of real estate ownership structure. While cycles come and go, long-term ownership remains a smart strategy for savvy investors.

Podcast – Leading Investors

Jack Kern and Mike Ratliff dissect the results to our 2012 look at the Leading Commercial Investors. We are expecting to see more acquisition activity, with a bit of development, in most major markets and all property sectors. Be sure to check out the full results of the 2012 ranking of the Leading Commercial Investors.

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