Rently’s “Wayfinding” Navigation Optimizes Self-Guided Tours

The company recently optimized its popular self-guided touring solution with new "Wayfinding” navigation technology.

Image courtesy of Rently

Multifamily property managers are discovering that self-guided property tours are increasingly popular with today’s tech-savvy renters who have grown accustomed to on-demand experiences.

The convenience of scheduling tours outside of regular business hours, combined with the ability to manage the entire process from a mobile app, is very pleasing to the modern renter.

Property managers who implement self-touring solutions also experience operational satisfaction because self-guided tours accelerate leasing workflows and expedite lease signings by expanding showing opportunities. In fact, self-guided tours increase overall touring traffic by 25%, increase lease conversions by 2%, and reduce a property’s time on market by 75%!

However, for both traditional and self-tours, multifamily properties can be challenging because routes often require visiting multiple buildings across a large property or require finding specific units across multiple floors in a single building.

A cumbersome tour path or lack of good directions to a unit can even result in lost lease signings, if renters’ frustration with losing their way translates into a negative impression of a property.

The good news is that — thanks to exciting new advances in location technology — that scenario never has to happen.

Rently, the leader in self-touring and smart home technology, recently optimized its popular self-guided touring solution with new “Wayfinding” navigation technology to ensure a positive renter experience.

Wayfinding navigation provides self-touring renters with real-time, dynamic onsite mapping to help them quickly and easily locate parking, common area amenities, and units to tour.

When renters arrive at a property for a self-tour, Rently’s Wayfinding feature appears on their app as a “blue dot” map and shows them the best route to the units they are scheduled to tour, as well as other points of interest. Once a renter has completed a tour, Rently’s Wayfinding technology guides them back to the parking area or to a community lockbox, where they can return the unit keys. At this point, Rently’s touring app will prompt renters to provide feedback and send them a link to an online lease application.

Rently’s Wayfinding navigation takes the uncertainty out of property self-touring and creates an enjoyable rental prospect experience. Communities that implement self-guided tours with Wayfinding navigation increase their community ratings by 25% on average. And, happy renters sign more leases!

In addition to enhancing the renter journey, Rently’s self-guided tours with Wayfinding also streamline leasing operations. Without Wayfinding, property managers must spend up to an hour manually adding tour directions to units on their property. Wayfinding provides managers with pre-programmed digital property maps on their desktop portal. From there, a manager simply adds navigation “pins” to the map to mark the unit to be toured, the best parking spots, property access location, and points of interest. Using Rently’s Wayfinding navigation, leasing teams can activate a unit for self-guided tours within seconds!

Rently’s self-guided tours with Wayfinding offer other benefits as well. Since renters now have more precise navigation to and around a property, both prospects and managers can avoid logistical delays and keep to more precise appointment times. Wayfinding also reduces the number of calls to leasing offices by lost prospects so that phone communications between renters and managers can focus on more important topics.

Rently’s Wayfinding navigation takes self-guided touring to the next level and introduces a new era of leasing convenience. Renters tour at a time that is best for them, and then confidently navigate a property on their own. Managers accelerate tour scheduling without having to be onsite. Neither worries about unclear directions or complicated property logistics.

In sum, Rently’s unique Wayfinding navigation makes self-guided property tours a smooth and enjoyable experience for both renters and property managers.

For more information about Rently’s Self-Guided Touring Solution with Wayfinding Navigation, read our blog or schedule a demo today.

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