MHN Solutions Showcase: Q&A with Package Concierge

Throughout the year MHN will showcase companies that provide solutions to the apartment industry. From finance, legal, construction and design to technology, operations, marketing and communications, gain new insights into the companies that solve problems and add value.

PC_Headshots_quotesHow can small property owners benefit from solutions that might be geared towards the larger private owner or REIT?
Many smaller properties do not have fulltime staff. When carriers can’t deliver packages it’s an issue for residents. And even larger fully staffed communities simply become overwhelmed with deliveries. Package Concierge solves the package management problem for small 20-unit properties and large communities alike.

Now that significant improvements are being anticipated for rental markets have you seen a shift in the way your customers are thinking?
We are seeing a shift in the way some clients are thinking about fees. At the client’s option, Package Concierge can charge registration fees and storage fees to residents for using the system, and we share that revenue with the properties. We can also track overuse by residents and activate a charge on their account.

What will be the most surprising change in the multifamily housing industry over the next 5 years?
24/7 Automation

Do you have any major predictions?
Digital package lockers are going to be in every multifamily community in the United States.

How are your customers managing their businesses more efficiently with your product/service?
Our customers are 100% hands-off package management. We solve this issue for them. Our system automates the process, so the leasing team can spend their time on sales, marketing, resident services and other revenue generating activities. There’s no doubt that refocusing staff time on property management tasks can have a real impact on both the resident experience and property performance.There is a clear ROI on this amenity.

What is the biggest initiative your firm is rolling out?
We recently launched dry cleaning and oversize locker options. Our next rollout is a solution to handle all outbound packages. The clutter of return packages sitting in a leasing office is a problem that we have identified and will be solved with this new software enhancement.

Is there a particular market segment such as student, affordable, or seniors housing that you will be focused on in the coming year?
Since we launched in 2012, Package Concierge has been the leader in multifamily with installations in 24 states and in every major metro area. Although we are busy throughout the country, we do plan to push for more business in certain market segments such as Las Vegas, Chicago, and Miami Beach.

Can you describe a company or executive that you see as being a leader in innovation?
Julie Smith at Bozzuto has been a real advocate of this technology from the outset. They will tell you first hand about the quality of our product and service – and the return it is driving to their bottom line.

Georgianna W. Oliver is founder and CEO of Package Concierge, a high quality, American made solution that is the architect and designer choice for apartment communities. Approaching 1,000,000 package transactions without a service call or a lost package showcases the system’s dependability. With installations in 24 states, this product is quickly becoming a must have amenity.

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