Product Spotlight: Wolf-Gordon/Mae Engelgeer Textiles

The Amsterdam designer and the American design company collaborate on a new collection of upholstery, drapery and wallcoverings.

Patterns (left to right): Mesh, Align, Tone, Balance, Compose, Ritual, Melody

New York—Amsterdam-based designer Mae Engelgeer got her start creating fashion textiles, but since opening her own studio in 2014, her work on product design and development, installations and international collaborations earned her exhibitions at international design galleries and fairs. Now, she is collaborating with American design company Wolf-Gordon, which offers a range of interior upholstery as well as paints and wallcoverings.

“Perhaps because of my background in fashion, I always tend to think in terms of a collection,” Engelgeer said of the collaboration. “The challenge of finding a color combination or a graphic element that can be used in different ways across a collection is very rewarding.”

Engelgeer’s background inspired a collection characterized by graphic elements and flavors of Dutch Modernism interpreted through a modern perspective. The collection is comprised of four upholstery textiles, one drapery textile and two print wallcoverings. The color palette includes a range of neutrals and muted hues, many with metallic threads.

Close-up on pattern Melody

The patterns include Align, a simple geometric pattern; Mesh, with metallic threads to mimic architectural mesh; Melody, a graphic upholstery textile which is available in different neutrals and earth tones; Ritual, a woven upholstery with a mix of dotted lines and dashes; Compose, a translucent drapery with metallic threads; Balance, a digital print wallcovering printed on metallic mylar; and Tone, a digital print on polyester felt.

Photos by Arman Dowgiert

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