Product Spotlight: Whirlpool Compact Washer and Dryer

The company's new laundry products are compact enough to fit inside multifamily units.

Rendering 1Renters are no strangers to the hassle of doing laundry when it isn’t offered in the apartment building or unit. Even if there is laundry in the building, most of the time it involves scraping up change or lugging laundry bags up and down the stairs. As an increasing number of people are choosing to rent instead of renting out of necessity, providing all the amenities a homeowner would have is becoming more important. One of the amenities that most homeowners enjoy is their own washer and dryer, and the multifamily industry is starting to adapt by including this sought-out feature.

Whirlpool’s new laundry products, which debuted at this year’s National Apartment Association Education Conference and Exposition in San Francisco, are compact and well-fitted to a multifamily space. The release marked the North American unveiling of the products, which have been available in Europe. The washer, at 2.0 cubic feet, and the dryer, at 4.3 cubic feet, both have a 24-inch width, making them ideally suited for multifamily spaces. One of the biggest selling points is within the dryer, which is ventless. Venting for dryers is one of the biggest obstacles to retrofitting spaces to accommodate laundry facilities, so the fact that the dryer doesn’t require wall output reduces limitations and increases design possibilities.

The dryer works with heat pump technology, which utilizes a refrigeration system to dry and recycle air before returning it to the drum. The moist air then leaves the drum while heat is transferred to the processed air and recycled back into the drum. The dryer also features a Wrinkle Shield option, which employs intermittent tumbling to keep wrinkles from setting into clean clothes.

The washer also offers its fair share of features, with 10 cycles and seven options available. Wash options include a quick wash cycle and hand wash cycle for delicates.

Renderings courtesy of Whirlpool Corp.

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