Product Spotlight: Sonneman Lighting Design

Sonneman's new Haro pendant light adds a modern and artistic touch to any space.

Haro pendant light
Haro pendant light

Renters have a lot of choices these days, so it’s important for a community to set itself apart in order to attract new residents. When touring new apartments, it’s pretty common for different rentals to share a lot of the same fixtures: stainless appliances, wood flooring and the all-too-ubiquitous “boob light.” While most would-be renters wouldn’t count out a prospective apartment due to outdated or mundane lighting, a creative lighting fixture can set an apartment community apart from its competitors and increase the perceived taste levels and value of the unit.

Sonneman, a unique lighting design company, has been designing modern and unconventional lighting solutions since the 1960s. From sconces to pendants, Sonneman’s designs offer striking geometric shapes and contemporary finishes that add a touch of uniqueness to a usually-overlooked fixture.

Its newest addition, the Haro 16-inch pendant, embodies Sonneman’s aesthetic with its clean lines, distinctive shape and innovative light distribution. The circular LED pendant radiates light from within, creating an unconventional effect. Available in satin black, bright aluminum or textured white finishes, the Haro light also has an electronic low-voltage dimmer, which saves energy as well as adds customization potential.

Visit the company’s website to view a gallery of available lighting products.

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