Product Spotlight: Rainmaker ILM

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Leasing teams can stop pursuing dead leads, thanks to ILM, a software that tracks and analyzes leasing activity.

By Mallory Bulman

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Leasing office at The Arbors on Forest Ridge in Bedford, Texas

Marketing can be a challenge for any business, but in the multifamily industry it can be particularly tricky to stay on top of prospective renter leads. Often, leasing staff are overwhelmed with phone calls, emails and listings, and it’s almost impossible to determine which leads are most promising.

This year, the Rainmaker Group, known for its existing revenue management solutions, released an innovative system tailored especially for the multifamily industry. Rainmaker Intelligent Lead Management (ILM) is the first lead management solution that tracks every inbound and outbound communication with prospective renters, and draws from all channels to ensure no leads are missed. The data and analytics offered by Rainmaker ILM can help shape a community’s marketing strategy and increase leasing efficiency.

“What sets ILM apart from other lead management systems is its ability to connect supply and demand data from our revenue management platform, LRO,” said Craig Zeutzius, president of Rainmaker ILM. “With the synergy between the two systems, we are now able to prioritize leads based on what a revenue management system is forecasting. This prioritization ensures leasing agents are spending their time most effectively and closing the right lead at the right time.”

The software organizes data from different sources and prioritizes the most promising leads in real time, picking out those that are more likely to result in a conversion. The program can offer valuable insights into the efficacy of advertising sources, call centers and onsite leasing staff. ILM also provides in-depth analysis from its call screening professionals, who listen to and evaluate all of a community’s inbound and outbound calls. The call screening professional then scores the leads based on specific criteria, and the calls are archived in the system for future reference. The archived audio files can serve as a valuable teaching tool for leasing teams, and marketing departments can use them to develop more cost-effective strategies.

The system’s analytics features are extensive; from average email and phone response times to the cost of advertising per lease, ILM provides a detailed look into a community’s strengths and weaknesses when it comes to lead management.

ILM is available for integration with Rainmaker’s LRO revenue management system.

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