Vertical Bike Rack

The innovative DoubleUp bicycle storage design maximizes space and increases value for multifamily communities.

The DoubleUp vertical bicycle rack (pictured) provides high-density, efficient bike storage to a growing subset of commuters.

The DoubleUp vertical bicycle rack (pictured) provides high-density, efficient bike storage to a growing subset of commuters.

Boca Raton, Fla.–Reasons not to lock your bike to a tree are legion: Theft. Snow. Rust. The thought that your most recent lockup could be your last.

Smart apartment complexes get this. They’re privy to the soaring popularity of bicycling. It saves money, helps the environment and makes commuting fun.

There are a few reasons a bike room is crucial in any multifamily community: Without one, tenants are relegated to storing their wheels in their apartments, which is not only an eyesore but a nuisance in tight spaces. Another reason is the 67 percent increase in bike commuting in the United States, according to the League for American Bicyclists. As biking infrastructure improves throughout the country, buildings need to keep up with demand. Best of all, a bike room will cost a developer a fraction of the price of building a parking garage, indoor pool or onsite gym. It’s a no-frills amenity that makes a huge difference to tenants making side-by-side comparisons of apartment communities and to building owners and managers seeking additional revenue sources.

Acknowledging these realities, The Park and Facilities Catalog came up with a secure solution to maximize space and protect bikes from damage. The DoubleUp vertical bike rack is a high-density bike storage solution ideal for small spaces. It locks in bikes at three points of contact. Loading is easy, too. Simply position the front wheel over the rack hook, then secure the U-lock.

“Just about every multifamily community or apartment complex now must address the increasing demand from bike commuters for long-term bicycle parking,” said Chris Luyet, vice president of sales and marketing at The Park and Facilities Catalog. “To keep all those bicycles organized in a tight space requires a bicycle parking rack that is the most efficient in terms of square footage and security.”

Learn more about how a vertical bicycle storage system can add value to your apartment community by visiting The Park and Facilities Catalog website.

Image courtesy of The Park and Facilities Catalog


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