Product Spotlight: Bosch Dishwashers

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The new product introduces unique space- and time-saving features.

In tight rental kitchen spaces, one of the most coveted appliances is a dishwasher. Saving time and ensuring clean dishes, offering this appliance to renters can be huge draw. Bosch Home Appliances just released a new dishwasher line that is quiet, convenient and designed to simplify the kitchen cleanup process. “At Bosch, our passion for the complete kitchen, from cooking to cleaning, is undeniable. We are driven every day by a desire to help simplify life for our consumers and bring peace of mind to the kitchen,” said Anja Prescher, director of brand marketing for Bosch Home Appliances. “While we are proud of our heritage in the dishwasher space, we never rest on our laurels. When developing our new line of dishwashers, we examined the consumer experience from every angle and used this information to maximize its usable space, making it easier than ever to load the dishwasher the way that you want.”

By conducting extensive consumer research, Bosch analyzed how consumers use their dishwashers and added several inventive new features to the line in order to create an efficient and user-friendly product.

The new features include:

  • MyWay Rack: As long as dishwashers have been a household mainstay, they’ve almost always had only two racks. With its newest product, Bosch introduced a third rack that offers extra space for awkwardly shaped or hard-to-fit items like bowls or large cooking utensils. A silverware tray with foldable tines accommodates cutlery, while the tiered angle of the rack makes space for stemware.
  • EasyGlide Rack System: The improved rack system relies on ball bearing wheels, which compared to a traditional rack system, glide smoothly and require less force to move.
  • FlexSpace Tines: Wrestling that last item into a crowded dishwasher has been an inconvenience for decades, but the FlexSpace feature makes better use of the bottom rack to accommodate large pots and odd-shaped items. The adjustable tines make it easier to fit more items in the same space as a traditional dishwasher.
  • ExtraDry: The newest Bosch model uses hotter water temperatures during its final rinse cycle, which ensures that dishes dry before the cycle ends.
  • Speed60: The Speed60 cycle is designed for quick turnaround of lightly soiled dishes. According to Bosch, the cycle can take dishes from dirty to dry in just 60 minutes. A sensor inside the appliance determines the level of soil and adjusts cleaning settings to minimize wash time.


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