Product Spotlight: Aquor Water Systems’ House Hydrant

The streamlined outdoor faucet adds no extra width to a home, making it perfect for transportable pre-fabricated construction.

Pre-fabricated homes are taking the multifamily world by storm as the process of building homes in an almost assembly-plant process is less costly and can lessen construction time considerably. Many companies produce ready-made units that are energy efficient and more reliable when it comes to estimated cost and construction schedule. However, part of the process includes transporting the pre-fabricated units to their final location, which can get tricky. Pre-fab homes must fit within certain width requirements in order to be transported, and developers often spend extra to add protruding features to the project once it is in place.

One of the seemingly innocuous features that causes issues in the final stages of pre-fab installation is outdoor faucets. Faucets with obtrusive brass hose bibs can add just enough width to result in the added expense of starting a plumbing project after manufacture. Aquor Water Systems is a TK company that produces low-profile, in-wall outdoor faucet systems that add no additional width and can be incorporated into original blueprints before a pre-fab unit leaves the manufacturing location.

The House Hydrant, Aquor Water Systems’ solution, makes it easy to access water outdoors with its environmentally friendly and leak-proof design and compatibility with any garden hose. The minimal design blends in with most exterior styles, and internally, the product features a stainless steel body with freeze protection up to minus 30 degrees Fahrenheit.

All media courtesy of Aquor Water Systems.

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