Talos Holdings Installs ButterflyMX to Provide Residents With Smartphone-Based Gate Access

Talos Holdings installs ButterflyMX at gated communities so residents can use their smartphone to open and manage the gate.

Based in Scottsdale, Ariz., Talos Holdings is a developer of Class A multifamily dwellings with three decades of expertise, performance and financial strength.

The company has achieved a no-loss record and consistently provides its investment partners with above-market returns. They seize opportunities to acquire, develop, and manage properties in regions with high barriers-to-entry and inspire their partners to deliver a residential living experience unlike any other. This unique approach has allowed them to form deep relationships within the real estate industry and has become the cornerstone of their continued success. When designing The View of Fort Worth, Talos challenged ButterflyMX to provide a gate access solution that not only had lower costs, when compared to other options, but also provided residents with a better living experience.

Talos Holdings chose ButterflyMX to deliver a cost-effective and highly sought after amenity that both its investment partners and residents would enjoy. “Residents can open and manage the community gates from their smartphone anywhere in the world as long as they have internet access,” describes Jacques Bazinet, Chief Operating Officer at Talos Holdings. “We no longer have to worry about the hassle and expense of handing out and managing fobs, keycards, stickers, or remotes to residents. And since it’s smartphone-based, residents intuitively know how to use it without us having to explain it to them.”

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