Meet Peak Campus the MHN Excellence Winner in ‘Property Management’

See a slideshow of the award-winning property management company, the second largest focused exclusively on student housing.

Atlanta—The winner in the MHN 2015 Excellence Awards ‘Property Management Company of the Year’ Category, Peak Campus is the second-largest privately owned property management company focused exclusively on student housing. Founded in 2011, Peak was born out of a predecessor development company that was also highly active in student housing. The company currently employs more than 1,000 people, and manages more than 47,000 beds at 90 assets valued at more than $2.6 billion for owners and investors in 68 college markets.

Peak partners with owners and developers to optimize product positioning, pricing and promotion for the asset’s success. That, coupled with its operating platform, has produced long-term, sustainable results for clients and partners. Additionally, the company is incredibly relationship-oriented. The team is committed to creating and maintaining close relationships with clients, employees and vendors.

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Peak recognizes student housing, particularly student housing management, is a people business and the team is the most important asset. Peak emphasizes hiring the right people, and provides the training needed to be the best at what they do through comprehensive selection, training, accountability and oversight processes. The company has used its significant industry experience to develop a disciplined process, which includes using the latest technology to recruit, personality profiles on finalists, multiple interviews with regional staff, and each property manager travels to Atlanta to interview with all department heads and the president prior to making an offer. Peak saw 61 percent employee growth from 2011 to 2015.

Further enriching company culture, growth within Peak is celebrated with a company-wide, live-streamed Gong ceremony when a new property is welcomed to the management platform. Peak also implemented the Diamond Club in 2014, which celebrates those who fully lease their property. Diamond Club property managers celebrate with the president and regional vice presidents and receive special recognition during the Annual Leadership Conference.

Peak’s management services also focus on providing exceptional customer service for student residents, parents of residents, colleges and universities, and owners. Peak trains onsite teams to understand the different needs of each customer and empowers the onsite property manager to provide responsive solutions. Online resident surveys are regularly used to understand trends and to respond to resident concerns, and Peak staffs a corporate customer care hotline as an additional line of communication.

Furthering its focus on residents, Peak’s student life concept centers on organizing impactful activities that engage residents and supports their lifestyle. Volunteerism, community involvement and social events are common at every property. The local staff customizes each program to reflect the desires of its student residents.