Decorative LED Lighting From Luxxbox

The colorful downlit and uplit Waffle Pendants absorb sound and illuminate communal spaces.
Luxxbox Waffle Pendant Lighting. Image courtesy of Luxxbox

Luxxbox has introduced the latest addition to its collection of decorative acoustic lighting solutions—the Waffle Pendant light.

The fixtures are crafted with sound-absorbing fabric derived from recycled materials.

The decorative lights feature acoustic discs in numerous sizes and colors.

The Waffle Pendants hold a Class A fire rating and are made with nonmetallic dyestuffs.

The dimmable LED lights are offered in 17.5, 23, 29.5 and 45.3-inch diameters and are available in donut and orange designs.

The panel fixtures are available in 40 colors and deliver up to 4,500 total lumens, with a lifetime rating of 50,000 hours.