Decorative Blades Absorb Sound

Multiple people with varied schedules living in one building means noise from different directions at different times. EchoBlades, designed by Kirei, are sound-muffling design pieces that fit easily into traditional ceiling tiles.

EP-EchoBlade-Swoop-444-ELUM-office-commercial-lobby-1-1030x570Living in a multifamily property naturally gives way to to some issues with noise. Multiple people with different schedules, preferences and habits living in one building means noise from all different directions at different times. EchoBlade is a decorative acoustic baffle designed by Kirei to fit with traditional T-Grid ceilings to absorb sound and add visual interest. 

The blades are easy to install and add creative shapes and colors to typical ceiling tiles. EchoBlade comes in six standard designs with the option for custom creations as well. The designs are called Swoop, Vines, Tiny Bubbles, Long Wave, Rockies and Gears, and they are available in 20 colors choices, 

EchoPanel is responsibly sourced and made from recycled PET materials, which qualifies it for LEED or other green building certifications. Hardware options include both magnetic and T-Grid installation options. Standard blade lengths are 23 or 47 inches.

In a multifamily environment, EchoPanels could be used in common areas, in hallways separating apartment units, or around business centers or co-working spaces.