Awair Air Tracker Now Monitors Noise and Light

The device now gives building managers more control over the indoor environment by keeping tabs on additional factors that impact the health and wellness of residents.
Awair Omni. Image courtesy of Awair

Awair has added light and noise tracking to its Awair Omni air quality monitor, giving building managers, facility owners and other professionals more control of the indoor environment.

The device can be mounted on a wall or placed on a desktop and covers up to 2,000 square feet in open space. Awair Omni allows businesses to monitor and optimize the air quality in their spaces by tracking five key factors: temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide, chemicals (volatile organic compounds) and dust (PM2.5).

The new functionality keeps tabs on additional factors that can impact the health and productivity of both residents and employees, helping building managers combat excessive noise levels and suboptimal light conditions.

The product can be used in both residential and commercial buildings to address the growing demand for properties that foster wellness. Multifamily owners and operators can utilize Awair Omni to monitor individual units as well as the building overall. The device’s current customers include Google, WeWork, Airbnb, Harvard and Stanford University.

RESET recently certified Awair Omni as one of its Accredited Grade B monitors, allowing builders to use the device to earn green building credentials.