A Survey of More Than 1,000 Renters in Real Life

Awkward situations such as clogged toilets and noisy neighbors can make renters' lives difficult. Learn how the right property technology can make their lives easier.

Technology makes renters’ lives easier in many ways, from paying rent to tracking packages, but it also helps avoid awkward conversations. According to a survey of more than 1,000 U.S. residents conducted by Entrata and ButterflyMX, renters share many common concerns, including clogged toilets, attempted DIY maintenance, missed deliveries and packages, noisy neighbors and more, all of which they may be reluctant to report to management. 

These findings highlight the often awkward situations renters find themselves in and how increased property management technology and innovation is alleviating some of those situations. Download this report now to see the results of our renters’ survey.

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