Penthouse Apartment Comes to Germany’s Elbphilharmonie

Building the two-story luxury penthouse at the $833 million Elbphilharmonie project posed major logistical challenges.

Elbphilharmonie penthouse apartment layout

Elbphilharmonie penthouse apartment layout

Hamburg, Germany—The $832.5 million Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg, Germany, is adding a penthouse apartment to its list of property offerings. Originally in construction for 10 years, the apartment is the last addition within the iconic building, encompassing the 24th and 25th floors. Comprising 2,475 square feet for a total of $8.3 million, the custom-made design sets the penthouse apartment apart from the other 44 units found on the property.

The Elbphilharmonie ensures complete privacy by creating a lobby with a concierge and private garages for all apartments located in the west-tip under the highest point of the roof. The apartment is to be designed according to very specific details of the owner, who wishes to remain unknown. The amorphous design without corners is an indication for the idea that the apartment will likely not be divided into actual rooms, leaving space for speculation on how the owner has planned to use the space.

The specific construction process for the penthouse was developed during the final stage of the building process for the entire property, since a construction site at the top floors was not permitted. Due to the complex interior design required by the client, architecture bureau Brückner Architekten and architectural wood experts Schotten & Hansen, who specialize in prefabrication, were jointly chosen to find a solution that could avoid being a construction site.

The completion date for the penthouse has been set for summer 2017. The Elbphilharmonie also includes a five-Star luxury hotel, restaurants and the plaza, an open space including the lobby of the hotel, stairway to the concert halls and a viewer platform with a view over the historic Hamburg harbor.

Image courtesy of Brückner Architekten

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