Oden Hughes Breaks Ground on Luxury Community in Austin

The community, slated for completion in early 2019, will feature an on-site Community Work Studio, similar to the shared workspaces for lease throughout Austin.

By Anca Gagiuc

Lenox Ridge, Austin, Texas

Lenox Ridge, Austin, Texas

Oden Hughes has broken ground on a 350-unit community in north Austin that is scheduled for delivery in early 2019. Oden Hughes Management will lease and manage the asset.

The property, dubbed Lenox Ridge, will be located on 10 acres at the southeast corner of MoPac and Scofield Ridge Parkway, just north of The Domain. Major employers including Apple, Amazon, IBM, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Oracle, PayPal and Qualcomm are located less than five miles from the site.

Unique amenity

Lenox Ridge, Austin, Texas

Lenox Ridge, Austin, Texas

The community will feature an on-site Community Work Studio, much like the shared workspaces available for lease throughout Austin. The 1,600-square-foot, second-floor studio will feature private and community offices, meeting rooms, managed Wi-Fi, printers, scanners, open-floor lounge and a hospitality bar. This space comes as an alternative to working from home, preferred by nearly 9 percent of working adults in Austin, according to the U.S. Census, almost twice the national average. Many of the companies near the community encourage employees to work from home, including Dell, which has set a goal of having 50 percent of its workforce telecommuting by 2020.

“Lenox Ridge will allow young professionals to have the convenient, on-site work space they need without having to pay more for a larger apartment,” Oden Hughes Vice President of Development Howell Beaver said in prepared remarks. “We think this unique community is a perfect fit for this dynamic area.”

New materials

General contractor Oden Hughes Construction will build the four-story community using light gauge steel, a somewhat new material more commonly used in mid- to high-rise developments. The material is provided by BlackSwan Steel and fabricated at the company’s Houston facility. Here, 80 percent of the work required for framing construction will be completed before the steel is sent to the site.

“Rising lumber prices have made light gauge steel more appealing price-wise,” added Oden Hughes Construction President Eric Taylor. “We expect that it also will allow us to build more efficiently and result in a better product due to its precision, strength and durability.”

Images courtesy of Oden Hughes

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