New Paint Tray Gives a Leg Up to Ladder Painting

PaintSmart-Trayz from Keane Corporation are an innovative product that make painting with ladders a much easier ordeal. The hanging tray has a built in paint reservoir and hooks and slots that keep brushes and rollers at hand.


Curb appeal is essential for landing new tenants during leasing season. A fresh paint job not only shows that your property is well maintained, but it is also aesthetically pleasing for potential residents. And there is no better time to repaint than now. Paint takes forever to dry when it is cold. When it is too hot even the highest quality paints will not flow or level properly. Late spring or early fall is your best bet.

PaintSmart-Trayz on an extension ladder.

One problem with painting a large multifamily building is the height. Ladders are a necessity even for many interiors. A new product from Keane Corporation makes this process easier and more efficient for maintenance crews. PaintSmart-Trayz hang vertically on an extension ladder (or horizontally on a step ladder) and have a built-in a 2-quart reservoir for paint. There is no longer any need to awkwardly manage a paint bucket and roller brush while balancing six-feet above the ground. PaintSmart-Trayz also have hooks for brushes and slots for rollers that prevent drips and spills by letting paint flow directly back into the reservoir. The device even helps save paint with a twist cap drain spout to pour excess paint back into the can.

With a price tag of only $12.99, PaintSmart-Trayz provide an affordable modern update on a classic necessity. The product was appropriately named the Most Innovative Product at the recent Innovation Nation Invention Contest. For more information, or to watch a video of the PaintSmart-Trayz in action, visit

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