New Collection of 24-Hour Viable Site Furniture and Lighting

Milan-based designer Francisco Gomez Paz worked with Landscape Forms to present a new wave of site furniture and lighting.

By Andie Lowenstein, Associate Editor

2015.0713.ProdIntro.LandscapeForms.FGP-LEDPathAndPedestrianLights.fullKalamazoo, Mich.—Milan-based designer Francisco Gomez Paz worked with Landscape Forms to present a new wave of site furniture and lighting.

FGP is an integrated collection and the latest addition to Landscape Forms Global 45 Collections. These are products designed by international designers to have global appeal, with structural components manufactured by Landscape Forms and flat-shipped to partner vendors around the world who deliver regionally sourced infill materials and assemble and deliver complete products to customers.

Untitled“We now have sales, service and assembly centers in the UK, Brazil and Australia,” said Landscape Forms President Richard Heriford. “Francisco Gomez Paz is an emerging design talent and a very fine industrial designer who understands the challenges of designing and manufacturing for a global marketplace. The FGP Collection adds another aesthetic point of view to Landscape Forms international expansion.”

The FGP Collection includes five elements: a bench, litter receptacle, bike rack and LED pedestrian and path lights. The forms have a smooth minimalism with subtly curved structural frames that provide a soft appearance.

FGP-BikeRack-Glam“The FGP Collection is really beautiful, with a visual language that is elegant and light,” declared Kirt Martin, Landscape Forms vice president of design and marketing. “While it is contemporary, it references familiar forms, especially in the bench. So it is welcoming but is also a very modern play. Good design comes out of constraints and FGP is proof that you can do great product with a great aesthetic at an attractive price point.”

All structural parts of the FGP Collection are cast aluminum. Slats on the bench and litter receptacle are wood. The bench is offered in single and double lengths and is scalable. The back height of the bench was designed to allow a sitter to rest an arm on it, making it feel relaxed and welcoming. The top of the litter bin is hinged to swing up for easy use.

The 12-16’ pedestrian light and low path light are shaped by three stems that rise from the connection with the FGP-Litter-Glampole and base, forming a soft, triangular head holding LEDs in triangular arrays that cast illumination between the verticals in a clean footprint. Including pedestrian lighting allows the FGP Collection to create public spaces that are viable 24 hours a day.

The bike rack has a visually attractive shape that imitates the form of a bicycle frame. All parts come together elegantly with no welding and minimized or hidden fasteners. Cast aluminum parts on the bench, litter and bike rack have an appealing anodized finish. Castings on lights are finished using Landscape Forms’ exclusive Pangard II powdercoat. Wood slats on the bench and litter are offered in North America with Landscape Forms standard woods and in international markets with regionally sourced wood types.

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