New CARVART Line Brings Beauty to Backrooms

A product line from architectural glass firm CARVART brings style to private backroom spaces like spas, locker/changing rooms and common restrooms.

Cubicle blue


With pools, spas, luxury fitness centers and yoga rooms, today’s generation of apartment communities have incorporated elements of boutique hospitality and resort living into the daily lives of the renter. But just because the back rooms that serve these spaces—i.e. locker rooms and bathrooms—are hidden, does not mean they shouldn’t be as stylish as the rest of your asset. A new line from architectural glass firm CARVART brings beauty to these private common spaces.

The new tempered and laminated privacy glass offering comprise three product lines: Cube, Cloud and Cabrilliant, in addition to CARVART Lockers.



Cube constitutes full-height glass cubicles that are perfect for common bathroom dividers, changing rooms, or enclosing a shower. They are outfitted with exposed hardware fabricated by CARVART. Cloud is the way to go if you are looking for full-height cubicles with a streamlined look due to hidden hardware. Cabrilliant stands apart as freestanding glass cubicles. Lockers are available in two styles rated for wet and dry areas, and can be fitted with a variety of hardware from hasps and clasps to digital touchpad looks for security and peace of mind.



Each comes in 24 glass colors and offers a kaleidoscope of metallic and wood interlays. All materials are designed to bring a vibrancy to high-traffic spaces and moisture-rich environments.

To learn more, be sure to visit CARVART.

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