Multifamily Amenity Renovations Look Different in a Post-Pandemic World

Grass!365 announces new financing program to revitalize landscapes.

The pandemic highlighted the demand and importance of attractive, inviting and functional outdoor spaces. People behave differently outside, feeling more at ease and comfortable, and have become accustomed to socializing, relaxing and even working outdoors.

In terms of the multifamily industry, property owners can benefit from renovating their event lawns, common lawns and especially their pet lawns, due to the rise in dog adoptions during the pandemic to satisfy current residents and attract new business.

With spring fast approaching and people naturally gravitating to outdoor congregation, revitalizing landscapes is top of mind, but the hefty upfront price tag that can accompany it can often serve as a deterrent. Artificial grass has long been a favorite for multifamily properties as it stays green 365 days per year, offers increased durability against foot traffic, and requires no watering, mowing, or chemical fertilizers. Grass!365 has launched a new commercial financing program, which enables property owners to get a new lawn, designed and installed, in as little as 10 days, and finance it over time to get their landscapes beautified for spring without tying up capital in the process.

“Artificial grass installations can be a large investment and that’s a deterrent to reaching your spring landscaping goals,” said Principal of Grass!365, Stan Pennington. “The beauty of our new commercial financing program is that we can design and install a new lawn quickly, and the property owner can finance the project over time, in an inflation-proof way.”

Grass!365 artificial grass features evolutionary SealTuft™ construction, which enables it to drain over 1,000 inches per hour (more than 30 times the industry average). Unique to Grass!365, SealTuft™ yarn is designed with a stronger bind, allowing it to stand up to all types of traffic, outperforming industry testing standards thus delivering a product that exceeds expectations. Grass!365 works with the customer to address all types of landscaping challenges through analysis, and then they prepare the ideal landscape design, followed by top-notch installation service. Furthermore, SealTuft™ makes it possible for all Grass!365 artificial grass to be 100 percent recyclable, meaning it never has to end up in a landfill, resulting in a sustainable product for a more resilient landscape.

To learn more about the new leasing program, contact a Grass!365 franchise in your area here.

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