Leviton Debuts Modern Load Center

The product is easy to install and provides increased safety for contractors. Its interface allows fast and easy diagnosis of possible faults.

By Alexandra Pacurar


Electrical solutions provider Leviton launched its first power distribution product, the Leviton Load Center. It features an all plug-on design and circuit breakers that exceed UL safety standards, making it easier and faster to install.

“The Leviton Load Center marks real innovation in the electrical contracting industry—a category that hasn’t seen much change in decades,” said Daryoush Larizadeh, president & COO of Leviton, in prepared remarks.

Leviton Load Center’s branch wires terminate at custom lugs in the panel, making wiring easier and neater, and eliminating the need for pigtails. Contractors can conclude the installation of the entire panel at rough-in as all connections are made at the final insertion of the circuit breaker. The load center’s design also allows users to switch out branch circuit breakers without rewiring.

Functional in extreme conditions

Leviton added its patented reset lockout technology to its GFCI and AFCI/GFCI circuit breakers, which guarantees that ground-fault protection against electric shock is always working. The technology is also included in the AFCI circuit breakers when the device is placed in tripped state by the manual test.

The Leviton circuit breakers also feature rugged hydraulic-magnetic trip technology, which can be reliable even in extreme conditions such as temperatures from -40 to 185 degrees Fahrenheit. This provides an additional layer of protection, typically available only in commercial grade products.

The Leviton Load Center has a white enclosure with an optional window, helping homeowners understand more easily the status of their home’s power. When a circuit breaker trips, the condition and type of fault are easily identifiable, with no need to reset the circuit breakers. Also, the box’s LED indicators remain lit, even when tripped.

Video and image courtesy of Leviton

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