Inovonics Presents 2 New Products

TapWatch Cloud collects consumption data from the firm’s IP-connected submetering system, while the EN7580 TapWatch gateway allows providers to access the information via TapWatch APIs.

Inovonics TapWatch Gateway

Inovonics, a wireless-sensor networks and system-engineering developer specializing in life-safety applications, has released its new EN7580 TapWatch Gateway and TapWatch Cloud, granting multifamily owners and service providers access to utility-usage data through cloud-based applications.

The EN7580 TapWatch gateway allows providers to integrate public-services data into billing softwares both via APIs and, manually, through the TapWatch application. TapWatch Cloud collects consumption data from the IP-connected submetering system, while also receiving supervisory messages.

Diagnostic capabilities

Inovonics TapWatch Cloud

Other features include over-the-air updates, reads on demand with no scheduling required and full compatibility with previously installed EchoStream systems.

“By moving TapWatch into the cloud, customers benefit from the reliability of Inovonics submetering hardware with anytime, anywhere access to reads data,” said Scott Fincher, senior product manager of Inovonics, in prepared remarks. “Plus, with the ability to update both the TapWatch Gateway and Cloud over the air, utility billing providers can expect to see a steady stream of enhancements throughout 2018 to include diagnostic capabilities and even the opportunity to leverage additional transmitters for things like detecting water from leaking appliances or monitoring vacant units.”

Images courtesy of Inovonics

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