Igloohome Introduces Smart Padlock

The security tool uses a unique PIN code technology to grant access without users needing to download and use an app.

Singapore-based igloohome has introduced Smart Padlock, a versatile, remotely managed security solution that provides owners with convenient access control to their properties, assets and facilities. The device features both a PIN code technology that allows owners to grant remote access without users needing to download an app, as well as Bluetooth technology.

The advantages of the PIN code technology are that PIN codes work immediately, the Padlock does not need to be connected to the internet, and the owner does not need to be within proximity of the device. PIN codes are sent via a messaging system of the owner’s choice—Facebook Messenger, Skype, SMS, WhatsApp—and once received, they can immediately be used. Duration of access can be set and limited from one-time PINs to recurring and permanent ones, including setting the exact time and date at which a PIN code becomes active and expires.

igloohome Smart Padlock

igloohome Smart Padlock

Bluetooth keys via smartphone are also an option to unlock the Smart Padlock, when users are within proximity of it. After receiving a Bluetooth key from the owner, users can tap unlock on the app before unshackling it.

Among the security features of the Padlock are a security alarm that beeps and locks out after several incorrect PIN inputs, the possibility of masking the PIN code by entering random numbers before the actual code, and a relock reminder alarm that notifies the user to lock the padlock if it hasn’t been locked properly. The device is also made of hardened steel, designed to be sturdy and reliable.

Video and image courtesy of igloohome

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