How to Motivate and Engage Your Team

Takeaways from the recent CFAA Rental Housing Conference panel “Corporate Culture – Pull, Don’t Push” and “Data in Performance Evaluation," presented by experts from M&R Properties and Killam REIT.

By Jennifer Brownhill

b2ap3_large_How-to-Keep-a-Motivated-and-Engaged-TeamTeam morale, motivation and engagement is something you have most likely had to address at some point or another. Ensuring that your team, department and company as a whole remains motivated and engaged can be a daunting task due to difference in personalities, range in specialization, distance and more. At the CFAA Rental Housing Conference “Corporate Culture – Pull, Don’t Push” and “Data in Performance Evaluation” were presented by Randy Daiter (M&R Properties) and Colleen MacCarville (Killam REIT), respectively.

Both presenters did an amazing job at exploring corporate culture and how to motivate your team to strive for success daily. Some key points to note and to take away from this topic include:

  •   Create an open and inviting corporate culture

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