How to Incorporate 2023’s Colors in Your Designs & Marketing

Suggestions to revamp your interiors and marketing materials with the most popular hues of the year.

Digital Lavender. Image courtesy of WGSN

Digital Lavender. Image courtesy of WGSN

Adding color is one of the easiest ways to modernize your interior design or marketing. For example, you can incorporate the colors of the year. This will pique your customers’ interest, both in multifamily interior design and promotional design. In this article we will focus mostly on the softest of the bunch, Digital Lavender, which is a light shade of violet picked by WGSN, a leading trend forecaster. Other colors of the year include Benjamin Moore’s Raspberry Blush, a coral-pink shade which is, according to Benjamin Moore, the definition of a charismatic color, and Pantone’s Viva Magenta, which feels like a lovechild between the previous two.

“People are ready to bring color back into the home, taking a step outside their color comfort zones,” said Andrea Magno, color marketing & development director at Benjamin Moore. “Raspberry Blush empowers the use of statement colors that deliver delight and personality, while transforming rooms for incredible results.”

Digital Lavender

According to WGSN’s website, purple will return as a key color for 2023, representing mindfulness, wellness and digital escapism.

Raspberry Blush. Image courtesy of Benjamin Moore

Neha Marathe, REACH by RentCafe manager, said that Digital Lavender is calm, uplifting and optimistic and is often associated with peace and serenity that is much required after these past few years. She added that according to WGSN, Digital Lavender is also gender-inclusive and already established in the youth market, and they expect it will broaden into all fashion categories by 2023. Color forecasters say Digital Lavender bridges the natural and digital worlds, bringing balance to a world in chaos. It is a unique and versatile shade. 

According to Gemma Riberti, head of interiors at WGSN, Digital Lavender works very well in interiors. It is “a cool hue that speaks to futuristic environments” and “focuses on mental wellbeing with its calming and luminous softness.” According to her, using it as a paint color can work well at home in kids’ rooms, guest rooms as well as transitional spaces. Its ‘Insta-perfect’ quality goes pairs well with peach skin, velvet, frosted glass and anodized aluminum, among others. Riberti added that, paired with warm brushed metals, Digital Lavender elevates the design with “a luxe feel, while cooler and reflective metals convey an otherworldly, futuristic narrative.”

Riberti also said that Digital Lavender could be used on a smaller scale, such as bedding, bath linens or floor rugs. When it comes to ceramic accessories, Riberti recommends pairing it with vivid cobalt blue, pale acidic green and bold pinks, reds and yellows.

Incorporating Color into Multifamily Interior Design

Neha Marathe’s, REACH by RentCafe manager, suggestion for using lavender hues with neutrals

The most obvious way to incorporate WGSN’s 2023 color of the year into multifamily interior design is through the use of paint or wall coverings. It is a good choice for a relaxing and comfortable ambiance and can be used in both common spaces and private ones.

Be it an accent wall in a living room, bedroom or hallway, it will add a pop of color and visual interest to the space. If you decide to use it this way, it would be best to pair it with neutral colors such as gray, beige and white in order to create a balanced and cohesive look. Alternatively, Marathe advises that if you are fully ready to embrace this color, you should go with a complimentary color scheme. However, you should maintain the same tone to achieve that balanced, stable and cheerful effect. Select photography with natural organic elements to bring warmth into your design.

If you decide to keep the paint neutral, you can add Digital Lavender and Raspberry Blush to anything from furniture items and artwork to lighting fixtures and accessories. A Digital Lavender lamp or a Raspberry Blush pendant light will add a soft and ambient glow to a room, while keeping it optimistic.

Using Digital Lavender and Raspberry Blush in Marketing and Promotional Design

Neha Marathe’s, Reach by RentCafe manager, suggestion for using lavender shades with complementary colors and organic scenery

In tumultuous and conflict-filled times, Digital Lavender helps convey a sense of calm. Including it in your promotional materials will send an underlying message of reassurance. Mixing it with Raspberry Blush will potentiate the coziness and good feelings. Both colors of the year could easily work as accent colors.

According to Marathe, you could include Digital Lavender or Raspberry Blush sparingly on your website by using them strategically on calls-to-action. This simple and subtle application is a good alternative if you are afraid of going too bold with digital lavender being your primary color. Pair it up with warmer olive and dark leaf green to mimic a light shade of violet grown in a field of greens.

Another way to incorporate Digital Lavender into multifamily housing marketing is through the use of imagery. A sense of serenity and relaxation can appeal to prospective residents by featuring the colors in photographs and renderings of the property. You can also use Digital Lavender in on-site signage such as banners, helping the property stand out and attract potential renters’ attention.

Another way to use the colors of the year is by integrating them into your company’s branding and visual identity. Incorporating the colors into a particular property’s logo or visual identity can help create a sense of luxury and exclusivity. The colors can also be used in digital marketing campaigns, website design or social media graphics to create a sense of tranquility, relaxation and at-homeness.

The calmness of Digital Lavender can be effective in differentiating a property from its competitors, helping you as a property manager connect with your target audience and promote your property as the ideal living space.

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