High-Performance Windows Block Heat and Noise

The aluminum fenestration products, which come in both fixed and sliding versions, provide energy efficiency and sound reduction.

Crystal energy-efficient windows installed in the new Alvista Towers in Queens, New York City. Image courtesy of Crystal Window & Door Systems

Crystal Window & Door Systems offers window products with robust noise reduction and energy efficiency capabilities. The Series 5600 Sliding Window features heavy-duty construction, 3 1/4-inch frame depth, and a 1-inch insulated glass unit (IGU) pocket for greater insulation and sound abatement.

The high-end window, which is rated HS-AW 40/HS-AW 50 by the American Architectural Manufacturer’s Association (AAMA), also incorporates a high-performance frame structure with a horizontal slider. The product’s innovative polyurethane thermal barrier technology thermally breaks conductivity of the aluminum frame to reduce the transfer of heat from outside to inside. This eases heating and cooling loads on building HVAC systems and provides long-term utility savings to property owners.

New York City-based manufacturer Crystal also makes the Series 5100 Fixed Picture Window, which has the same high-performance features as its sliding counterpart. The product has AW-PG100 AAMA rating and can be used both as a standalone unit and in combination with packaged terminal air conditioner (PTAC) louvers.

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