‘Gimme Shelter’ with Daniel Gehman: Transit-Oriented Debacle

This full-capacity transit situation is directly related to two factors: declining unemployment and rising gas prices.

This morning things went awry for me, in spite of good intentions and relatively careful planning. I had booked a flight from Los Angeles to Sacramento for a day’s business. Mostly for convenience (and a little for sustainability) I planned to use my usual commute trick: drive 20 miles from my home near Disneyland to a park ‘n ride on the Orange/Los Angeles County border; mount the light-rail system; make one transfer and take the subway to Union Station; then catch the Flyaway Bus to LAX. Simple. (All right, it sounds complicated, but when you subtract the brain damage of stop-and-go freeway traffic—even in the car pool lane—and the costs of parking, it all balances out.)

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