Getting to Yes: How Top Operators Avoid Leasing Mistakes

In this webinar, you'll learn about the most efficient lead and marketing strategies and the path to improving your NOI.

Are you missing out on capturing prospects’ information? The smartest operators don’t miss their chance to turn anonymous website visitors into leads. By capturing insights before, during and after the leasing process, you can optimize your marketing campaigns and maximize your NOI.

Join MHN and Conversion Logix for this free, on-demand webinar, and learn how to improve the effectiveness of your lead strategy, from initial contact to a signed lease. You’ll get insights into how to:

  • Develop a scalable digital marketing strategy to target your audience 
  • Identify high-intent prospects
  • Personalize the leasing experience to increase sales
  • Bridge the gap between leasing and marketing

Our Participants:

Crystal Banegas
Regional Sales Director
Conversion Logix


Suzann Silverman,
Editorial Director,
Multi-Housing News

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