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Multifamily Projects Capitalize on the ‘New Normal’ in Housing

For the first time in history, more people in the world live in urban areas than in rural communities, creating a “new normal” for the decade ahead.

Trophy Transactions Reflect a Healthy Investment Market

The largest multifamily transactions being completed today, from trophy to distressed, show an investment market that is running in high gear.

How Much Debt Is Too Much?

The implications of our national debt to real estate, our families and our future cannot be ignored. It’s a drug we can no longer afford.

Demand for Multifamily Construction Lending

The flow of multifamily construction financing is slowly increasing, and lenders have more than their fair share of choices for investing.

Housing Cuts in the 2011 Federal Budget

Though housing cuts were significant in the 2011 budget, they weren’t as deep as initially feared.

Lending Starts to Open for Small Properties

Here is good news for owners of small multifamily properties who may be seeking financing: Lenders are becoming active in this sector again.

Hunting Down Alternative Sources of Development Financing

Capital may seem abundant when it comes to the big players and the big projects. For the other guys, obtaining financing for new construction requires some creativity.

The Case for a First Time Renter’s Tax Credit

Market-rate renters are a unique bunch, in that, of all the household configurations, they are the only group that isn’t subsidized in one way or another.

ARA’s Dallas Office Adds Former Milestone Executive to Brokerage Roster

Dallas–Atlanta-headquartered ARA announces the addition of Richard Furr to ARA’s Dallas brokerage office. Furr will lead the Private Client Services team, specializing in product located throughout the Metroplex. Previously, Furr was head of acquisitions and a member of Milestone’s Investment Committee. Prior to that, he was an acquisition partner and divisional senior vice president at JPI. He has been responsible for over $1 billion of multifamily transactions throughout his 20-year career. Furr is a graduate of Texas Tech University and received his master’s degree in Land Economics and Real Estate from Texas A&M University.

Realfacts and Meyers LLC Strategic Partnership

Novato, Calif.—Realfacts and Meyers LLC have announced a strategic partnership to position itself as the preeminent source of information to the apartment industry. Together, they will provide a variety of services to meet the growing need for reliable data coupled with interpretive data analysis. The two entities lend 50+ years of experience in building successful businesses with respected brands. The partnership is a strategic alliance geared to comprehensively examine apartment markets as that sector gains momentum. Recent increases in demand and occupancy paint a healthy picture for apartment owners and investors in the next two years. Meyers and RealFacts each…

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