Fibo’s Kitchen Backsplash Boards Transform Ordinary Walls

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This waterproof European wall system is ideal for both renovations and new construction projects.

Fibo Boards. Image courtesy of Fibo.

Underperforming apartment units can get back on track when their visual appeal is restored. Fibo Boards are a quick and easy way to perform upgrades that will resonate with prospects during in-person or virtual apartment tours. Compared to individual tiles, there are fewer tradespeople involved; one installer can do the job in just one afternoon. There is no waiting time for membrane, adhesive or grouting to dry and harden; no grout is needed. Fewer materials means less waste—and installation requires up to 65 percent fewer working hours than tile installation.

Fibo Boards adhere directly to existing walls or wall studs. They are easily clicked together with Fibo’s patented Aqualock system. Their 18-inch height perfectly fits between most countertops and cabinets. Full length panels are also available in a 94-inch by 24-inch size. For projects with custom dimensions, Fibo Boards can be easily cut to size in the field. They come in a wide range of styles and colors designed to compete with luxury, Class A finishes. This 100 percent waterproof wall system is also an excellent solution to quickly renew bathrooms and other demanding spaces where walls must be extra durable and easy to clean.

Fibo wall panels are made of certified and renewable wood and they can contribute toward LEED construction points. Wood is a renewable resource that stores carbon even when in use in products. Fibo wall panel are made of PEFC-certified woods that ensure sustainable forestry, and they come with their own environmental product declaration which documents the environmental calculation for both the raw material and the production.

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