EdR Receives Approval for MS Project

The company, along with Mississippi State University, will move forward with College View, a 1,600-bed student housing campus to be constructed in two phases.

By Adina Marcut

Randy Churchey, EdR's CEO

Randy Churchey, EdR’s CEO

EdR received approval from the Board of Trustees of State Intuitions of Higher Learning for the College View, a 1,600-bed student housing campus constructed in two phases.

The first phase, slated for completion in fall 2019, will consists of 650 beds and the second phase will feature 950 additional beds. Additionally, the multi-phased university campus will offer retail and restaurant space, recreational amenities, as well as an outdoor entertainment space, a day care center and parking spaces.

“We are proud of this partnership with one of the top universities in the South,” Randy Churchey, EdR’s CEO, said in a statement. “This development is an excellent candidate to be financed through our One PlanSM equity financing. As designed, College View will be both a living-learning space for students and a gathering place for the Mississippi State community as a whole. It’s an honor to be selected to create this transformational development.”

Image courtesy of EdR

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