Create Green, Permeable Parking Spots and Driveways with TerraFirm

Did you know that roads and parking lots in the United States cover more than 61 million square miles of the Earth’s surface? TerraFirm Enterprises is working to combat the problem of over-paving with 100 percent recycled permeable pavers made from high density polyethylene.

By Mike Ratliff, Senior Associate Editor

ecogridDid you know that we have paved over 61 million square miles of land in the the United States? That is larger than the state of Georgia. Parking lots, the ubiquitous byproduct of our automobile-based consumer culture, are a large part of the problem. The impervious surfaces disrupt the ground’s natural ability to filter and slow storm water runoff. Erosion, pollution and unhygienic conditions created by storm-water overflow are just some of the associated problems.

TerraFirm Enterprises is working to combat these issues with permeable pavers made from 100 percent recycled high density polyethylene. EcoGrid/EcoRaster can be used as either a permeable paving solution for pedestrian/vehicular traffic or as a soil stabilization and mud abatement grid to prevent erosion. The grid can be concealed after being covered by grass. Alternatively, it can be filled with gravel.

The pavers come in a variety of thicknesses (3cm, 4cm or 5cm) depending on your application. Thinner grids are perfect for roof greening or car ports, while thicker grids can support industrial and commercial applications. While having grassy pathways or parking spaces is a neat feature that will certainly boost curb appeal, a policy regulating the frequency of moving cars would have to be implemented in order to ensure that your green space doesn’t turn brown. Perhaps the best application for an apartment community would be a loading zone in front of particular buildings where residents could temporarily park.

Grids are available in black, green and brown and come pre-assembled in easy-to-use 14.31 x 14.31 foot square pieces. The grids connect to each with a quick interlocking tab mechanism. The system is virtually maintenance free and extremely light weight at two pounds per square foot.

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