Cortet’s Tools for Smart Buildings

The wireless system can simultaneously control lights in a variety of spaces.

Cortet, a provider of smart building IoT—Internet of Things—technologies, has created the Lighting Control Solution, a comprehensive IoT-enabled intelligent wireless lighting control system that provides automated, simple and secure system for controlling lights in modern smart buildings.

Cortet’s product works for both OEMs—original equipment manufacturers—which can easily expand their product lines with energy saving technologies, and end users such as building owners and managers.

Cortet’s suite of products communicate with each other and are controllable onsite or remotely through the Cortet Light Control mobile app. With its easy-to-use interface, the app focuses on capturing the surrounding space and configuring how it should automatically respond to the user. Different areas, rooms and individual fixtures can be dimmed and turned on and off remotely as well as on site.

By using the app, an installer or user can tell the system just once what lights, sensors and other devices are in each zone, and then the zones with device pairings will automatically be configured. With an intuitive and guided user interface, the app can be set on how the user wants the lighting ambiance to appear at different times throughout the day. The rest is automatically handled without having to directly control lights or constantly accessing the app.

Image courtesy of Cortet

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