HearthCabinet Unveils Chimneyless Fireplace

The manufacturer's free-standing fireplaces do not require a flue, gas, electricity or chimney and incorporate a safety system that prevents accidental contact with the flame.

Ventless Fireplaces

Ventless Fireplaces

HearthCabinet is a New York-based manufacturer of fireplace solutions that can be used in homes and buildings that cannot accommodate the installation requirements of conventional wood or gas fireplaces. The company’s Ventless Fireplaces do not require drilling holes or building a chimney.

Ventless Fireplaces employ a patented system that uses specially designed alcohol gel fuel cartridges in a locked safety firebox. Since the alcohol burns cleanly, no chimney, gas line or electricity is required, allowing the fireplaces to be installed anywhere.

The units also incorporate a locked safety screen, which is a mesh screen with lock and key door that prevents accidental contact with the flame, creating a safe environment around children and pets. The clean-burning safety gel cartridges ensure that no pouring of or contact with fuel is ever necessary.

HearthCabinet’s fireplaces are available in several finishes including black powder coated steel, stainless steel, brass and custom colors, and are fully customizable from the size of the unit to the decorative detailing.

Image courtesy of HearthCabinet

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