CAS Financial Advisory Becomes Recap Real Estate Advisors

CAS Financial Advisory Services is in the process of rebranding as Recap Real Estate Advisors

Boston–CAS Financial Advisory Services is in the process of rebranding as Recap Real Estate Advisors, a version of its original name, Recap Advisors. On-Site Insight (OSI), a Recap Real Estate Advisors Company, will provide Recap’s capital planning services.

Recap Real Estate Advisors remains a CAS Partners company, under the direction of its executive team including David Smith, Todd Trehubenko and Christopher Hesen. This change to a version of the original company name takes into account the market’s awareness of the original Recap and OSI brands.

“Our clients have tremendous loyalty to the Recap and On-Site Insight brands,” says Todd Trehubenko, the firm’s president. “In making this change, we are listening to the market. This will be a very natural transition.”

In 2007, CAS Partners acquired Recap Advisors, and in 2008 Recap acquired On-Site Insight. The combined platform was renamed CAS Financial Advisory Services.

“Even with our name change, we’re committed to growing the service capacity of the overall CAS platform and value proposition,” says CEO David A. Smith. “Our look may be new but we’re the same. Customers and colleagues who knew us as CAS Financial Advisory Services will find that our experience, insight, integrity and commitment to results are unchanged.”

The company’s flagship capital-planning product, the Green Capital Needs Assessment, will be marketed under the On-Site Insight name, as will its suite of other capital planning services.

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