Brilliant, ButterflyMX to Launch First Integrated Smart Apartment System

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By using the new integrated system, residents will be able to control lighting, music, camera, locks, climate and other smart home features.

ButterflyMX + Brilliant. Image courtesy of ButterflyMX

Brilliant and ButterflyMX have recently announced at this year’s CEDIA Expo their first partnership. The leading smart home control company and the creator of the smart intercom will debut later this year the first integrated smart apartment system that provides access and in-unit smart home control. The integration between the ButterflyMX Smart Intercom and the Brilliant Smart Home Control will grant residents the ability to control lighting, music, camera, locks, climate and other smart home features through an in-all touch screen panel with built-in voice and motion control.  

Currently, ButterflyMX are being installed in more than a third of new multifamily development in the country and will be fully integrated into the Brilliant Smart Home Control and Brilliant mobile app by the end of 2019. According to Mark Zikra, vice president of technology for CA Ventures, the collaboration between the two companies marks a shift in the industry from segmented property technology to cohesive and integrated smart buildings and homes.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Never miss a visitor: when someone is trying to reach the residents through a ButterflyMX smart intercom system, the integrated system will send them a mobile app notification and also one to every Brilliant Control installed in their apartment. Residents will be able to see who’s at the door and grant access, even when the mobile device is charging, is on silent or is in another room.
  • Apartment monitoring: through Brilliant Control’s built-in camera, residents will be able to receive a Live View camera feed on their mobile device, as well as communicate through the system.
  • Developer- and operator-friendly: hardware from ButterflyMX and Brilliant can be easily installed in both new and existing buildings, while the Brilliant Controls are installed in minutes in the place of any light switch.   

ButterflyMX Smart Intercom is becoming standard for many luxury multifamily developments across the country. One example is the 213-unit River Club at Hudson Park in Yonkers, N.Y., which recently landed a $70 million fixed-rate loan.    

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