Beko’s Dishwasher Line Features Advanced Cleaning, Supports Sustainability

The advanced dishwashers feature an NSF-certified sanitizing function with a higher water temperature.

Beko’s CornerIntense-Equipped Dishwasher. Image courtesy of Beko

Beko Home Appliances has debuted a new line of eight dishwashers that offer a more sustainable way to clean dishes. The unit uses a rectangular-motion arm to thoroughly spray water and detergent from corner to corner in the washtub’s interior. This technology uses 50 percent less water and 25 percent less energy, according to Beko.

The CornerIntense spray arm rotates on a movable axis and combines multiple spray patterns to ensure the water reaches everywhere during a wash. The dishwasher’s innovative filter is automatically cleaned with pressurized water to eliminate food and buildup, so it requires less-frequent manual cleaning.

The new dishwashers are equipped with Beko’s DeepWash technology to effectively clean tall bottles, jars with narrow openings and pans up to 12 inches deep, and a removable third rack in the washtub can be removed to create space for large pots and pans. Built-in grippers hold larger items securely in place, while water jets with adjustable pressure spray dishes in the designated DeepWash zone.

Beko’s advanced dishwashers feature a stainless steel interior, an eco-friendly ionizer that delivers chemical-free odor elimination and an NSF-certified sanitizing function with a higher water temperature that kills 99.9 percent of bacteria for healthier cleaning. To support reduced energy usage, the door automatically unseals after cleaning so dishes can dry by air without the need for additional energy. The new line has earned the Energy Star Most Efficient rating for water and energy conservation.

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