WEB FEATURE: How to Ace Prospect Phone Calls

Huntington Beach, Calif.–The customer call is an important touch point for prospects, according to panelists at the Apartment Internet Marking conference.

Managing the Rising Costs of Water

By the year 2013, 36 states are expected to face a water shortage, and the rate at which costs are expected to rise will require new solutions to resource management.

Create Value by Improving Customer Satisfaction

As the industry ramps up for the next development boom, existing communities need to focus on staying competitive.

Making Net Zero Energy a Reality

Operating a net-zero multifamily property is a goal that is within reach with budding technologies and realistic financing plans.

Texas: the “Magnet State” for Business

Population growth and excellent business appeal in the Lone Star State make up the ingredients for a strong apartment market.

Prime Leasing Season Is around the Corner

With the peak of the leasing season fast approaching, first impressions are more crucial than perhaps at any other point in the year.

Advancements in Utility Cost Recovery

New advances in submetering provide for better accountability, while legislation pushes the industry forward.

Creating Community through Common Spaces

Beyond curb appeal, thoughtful landscaping also encourages a strong sense of community.

NYC and N.J. Returning to Pre-Recession Levels

Manhattan’s outer boroughs and Northern New Jersey see upside potential in high barrier-to-entry locations.

Greening Your Building through Windows and Doors

New window and door technologies make it easier to control a building’s energy efficiency.

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