Arriscraft Stone Achieves the Quarried Look without the Cost

Arriscraft uses a high-pressure bonding process to create man-made stone with a quarried stone look. The end result is a 100 percent dimensionally stable, non-fading stone that requires no waterproofing.

Viva Retirement Shadow Stone Jasper (12)Architects and contractors have turned to artificial stone for more than 200 years due to inherent cost-effectiveness and ease of installation. Today, Arriscraft is a leader on the exterior building materials front. The company creates a range of products that mimic the look of quarried stone, while presenting a lower cost point and fast vertical solution for builders.

The secret lies in Arriscraft’s three-step production process that only involves three ingredients: silica sand, hydrated lime and high-quality iron oxide pigments. The components are mixed together and pressed with 1,000 tons of pressure. This creates a durable, strong and intimately bonded stone. High-pressure steam and heat is used in a final step to create a calcium silicate hydrate binder. The end result is a 100 percent dimensionally stable, non-fading man-made stone unit that requires no waterproofing.

An additional benefits of this construction process is a stone that retains an even color throughout, meaning the stone retains its original colors and texture even after on-site cutting, chiseling and dressing. The Arriscraft stone is also available in an even easier to install format known as ARRIS.clip, which simply clips to a substrate using a pre-engineered channel system. Also available are ARRIS.stack, a thin stone veneer, and ARRIS.tile, which adheres to a suitable solid substrate. Each thin-clad product is all-natural and offers a lifetime warranty.

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