Meet the New Multifamily Amenity: Coworking Space

Watch our slideshow for product ideas from NeoCon that can help apartment operators upgrade their properties.

The success of coworking firms has taken over the globe, leading to the birth of new competitors everyday. Lately, apartment developers have been offering co-working at their properties to stay competitive and cater to residents in need of office spaces. Just like the on-site gym, which is viewed as a tremendous convenience (and saves the price of a gym membership), the new communal workspaces are an attractive amenity.

These new amenity spaces, which can also be incorporated into older properties, have nothing in common with the buttoned-up business offices that used to be tucked away out of sight at multifamily properties. Watch our slideshow for a selection of eye-catching products on display at NeoCon 2019, North America’s largest trade show for the commercial design industry. Which of these products would resonate with residents at your apartment communities?

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