American Standard Adds Decorative Style to High Efficiency Toilet Line

American Standard has added two new decorative tanks to its Chamption high-efficiency toilet line that achieve 1.28 gallons per flush.


Champion PRO Retrospect

It isn’t always easy merging high efficiency with high design. This is especially true for toilets. Some high-efficiency units would look more at home on a boat than in an actual home. American Standard has addressed the issue by adding two new decorative tank designs to their Champion PRO toilet series. The result is an attractive product that meets the EPA’s WaterSense guidelines.


Champion PRO Portsmouth

Both new designs will complement traditional bath decors, and are a great choice for either new construction or a retrofit apartment project. Tank designs include Portsmouth, which is characterized by traditional lines, and the curvier Retrospect. Each design corresponds to a collection of bath fixtures and faucets, making the line an easy solution for a complete bathroom renovation.

The tanks are available in standard height (15 inches) elongated models, and comfortable Right Height (16 ½ inches) elongated and round front versions. Characterized as high efficiency toilets (HET), the new tanks consume 1.28 gallons per flush, while still achieving the highest bulk removal score on the Maximum Performance (MaP) test, which is sure to keep your maintenance staff and residents happy.

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