Add Tech and Convenience to Kitchens with a Pfister Faucet

Touch-free faucets from Pfister simplify life in the kitchen.

Selia_Lifestyle_postMillennials love tech and convenience. While apartment owners have been a bit slow to adopt things like Wi-Fi-enabled thermostats and appliances, the ‘Internet of things’ is certainly the direction we are headed. But like sustainability, while renters sure like it, they aren’t exactly open to paying more for it. Yet there are inexpensive ways to bring convenient tech into your rental units.

One example is the Pfister Touch-Free Kitchen Faucets, which have an MSRP of $299. The faucets, available in Selia and Pasadena models, were designed with simplicity in mind. Proprietary REACT (response activated technology) allows the user to turn the water on or off by guiding your hand or an object within the sensor range.

The helps simplify life in the kitchen on several fronts. First, it prevent the spread of germs while handing raw meat or eggs. It also helps keep the kitchen tidy by eliminating finger prints and water spots. The technology is also inherently cool, and your potential renters might find themselves waving at the faucet while whispering ‘wash on, wash off’ during a unit tour.

The faucets are powered by six AA batteries, have a plug-in option that is sold separately and can always be operated manually.

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