Acquabella Designs a New Take on the Pedestal Sink

The sinks feature an antibacterial finish that resists ultraviolet rays and thermal shock.

Acquabella Vars Totem. Image courtesy of Acquabella

Acquabella has introduced two freestanding totem bathroom sinks. The elegant sinks feature cylindrical silhouettes and are free of ornamentation, by design. Totem sinks save space in the bathroom and are especially suited for smaller bathrooms.

The Venet model stands 33 inches high and measures 15 inches by 17 inches. It features a round basin, sloping sides and a sculpted base that is slightly wider at the bottom. The Vars Totem highlights a rounded square basin, with a base that’s flush to the floor. The sink is 34 inches high and the basin measures 20 inches by 20 inches. Both sinks are designed without overflows and are available in a white finish.

The sinks are made from Acquabella’s signature Dolotek mineral material. This composite produces a smooth and durable finish. The finished surface is also antibacterial and durable against ultraviolet rays and thermal shock.

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