A Perfect Chainsaw for Maintaining Your Grounds

The new 40 volt, lithium-ion-powered Cs250 chainsaw from Oregon PowerNow is light, durable, easy to use and no louder than a power drill.

Oregon PowerNow Max Chainsaw

By Mike Ratliff, Associate Editor

Portland, Ore.–Property maintenance goes far beyond building repairs. Depending on the community size and location there are certain necessary tools that will not fit in a toolbox. A chainsaw is one such tool. While a chainsaw for property maintenance might sound like a stretch, the new 40 volt, lithium-ion-powered Cs250 chainsaw from Oregon PowerNow is quiet, simple to use and durable. A fallen tree can be turned into firewood for that spiffy fire place on the patio in minutes. And best of all, the saw is no louder than a power drill when cutting wood, so your residents will sleep through any early-morning lumberjack routine. The PowerNow chainsaw also weighs in at only 10.5 pounds, light enough for trimming bushes or bringing it up a tree to down branches.

The PowerMax saw in action.

To stress just how quiet this tool is, we had Alan Lofurno, business unit director at Oregon PowerNow Tools, stop by MHN’s office in New York to demonstrate the saw in our conference room. Our editors worked outside the glass partition during the cutting session and had no complaints. This writer took two sections off a four-inch-thick log and the saw’s action was smooth and quick.

Side view showing the self-sharpening system.

The most innovative part of the saw has to be the self-sharpening feature dubbed the PowerSharp Integrated Sharpening System. If a user inadvertently hits soil or concrete when sawing, all they need to do is pull the PowerSharp lever while running the saw for three to five seconds. This engages a precision diamond resurfacing link that sharpens the saw like new.

The 40 volt lithium-ion pack is available in a 10- and 20-cell version, both providing no-fade power during the job. The saw turns on with the pull of a trigger so there is no cord yanking involved. There are no fumes either, also a plus for residents, and the saw is dead silent between cuts.

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