What Students Want in Accommodations

Students and parents are driving demand for amenity-rich, technologically fit living spaces that encourage learning beyond the classroom. Generally, students don’t look for an infinity pool on the roof or other such high-tech amenities, they just want to feel welcome in their new homes. So basic features such as parking, proximity to campus and a friendly atmosphere are preferable.

Basic amenities

Secure entrances & exists

Safety and security are huge factors when it comes to living in an off-campus community. Before renting an off-campus apartment, you should survey the residence to answer the following questions: Does the apartment have metal or solid core wooden entry and exit doors? Are the doors equipped with deadbolts or shielded doorknob locks? Can visitors be observed without opening the apartment door either through a door peephole or window? Does the apartment have a smoke detector and at least two emergency routes?

Safety and security are everyone’s responsibility. So, properties with clear security measures in place demonstrate that they hold resident safety as a priority. Well-lit and maintained properties, controlled access, security cameras and rules of conduct are expected.


Generally, students are looking to be close to campus, amenities and easy access to transportation. Proximity is important not only to campus, but local attractions like bars, restaurants and shopping is important to a property’s success, even if it means working with the university to establish shuttle services. Some universities offer free rides for student enrolled to that particular university. This encourages students to make environmentally responsible choices in their travel to, from and around the campus. These services are offered throughout the academic year, especially weekdays, select weekends and during academic breaks.

Many students do not have a vehicle of their own, so, well-placed property on a public transport route that provides easy access to the above locations may attract more interest compared to a property on the doorstep of an educational establishment.

Internet access

We live in an increasingly connected, wired world. Students depend on fast and robust Wi-Fi connections for entertainment, social, communication and information. Properties are adapting to the always-changing technology and to the students’ demand by including amenities such as refrigerators with a built-in media center, 55-inches smart TVs with built-in Klipsch speakers, Altair body spray shower column, as well as side-by-side washer and dryer.

There is also the possibility for bandwidth per bed. Usually, property owners focus only on the total bandwidth connection to the site, which makes it easier to compare communities. Student property owners, developers and operators who lease by the bed should also focus on bandwidth by the bed when negotiating with providers.

Room size and study areas

Space is a key commodity for college students, who often have to share living environments. Many are willing to pay more to have their own bathroom and bedroom. A private study room offers needed time away from a roommate, so this another very important aspect in students’ search for housing. Typically, study rooms are equipped with high-speed internet, computers and conference tables.

Furthermore, students are more concerned about practical, in-unit and convenience features than they are about fancy bells and whistles. Various luxury amenities such as an indoor golf, a rooftop swimming pool or a state-of-the-art fitness center are nice, but if a property lacks a great Wi-Fi or top-notch security features, students and their parents likely won’t be interested.

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