‘What Renters Want’ with Jessica Fiur: Let’s Talk About Pets, Baby

Who could resist a little puppy or kitten? I can, for one. I’m not an animal person. (Although growing up I did have a couple of gerbils named Nancy Drew and Nancy Drew II, and a tamagotchi. The ’90s were a scary, awesome time.) And, apparently, so can a lot of property managers, who designate some buildings to be pet-free.

Fair enough. Pets can bark or meow or chirp, which could be very disturbing to the other residents in the building. Plus their little paws or claws can scratch up a floor.

But on the other hand, some people consider their pets their babies, even calling them “fur babies” (although that term sort of creeps me out and makes me think of a little Fraggle Rock guy in a diaper or something). And some developers definitely have these people in mind. New amenities in some luxury buildings sometimes include pet-friendly outdoor areas, grooming salons and even doggy daycare centers. Obviously there is a market for it.

As a property manager, do you allow animals in your building, and why? If so, would you consider any pet amenities? And if you’re a renter without pets, would you mind living in a building that allows them (and vice versa, if you have pets, would you ever consider giving your pet to a trusted friend or family member so you could live in a killer apartment that didn’t allow them)?

-Jessica Fiur, News Editor 


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