Toby Halliday Joins Stewards of Affordable Housing For the Future

Washington, D.C.—Stewards of Affordable Housing for the Future (SAHF) has announced the addition of Toby Halliday as executive vice president for policy and operations. Halliday will lead SAHF’s policy initiatives in addition to overseeing the organization’s operations and management.

Halliday previously served as vice president for federal policy at the National Housing Trust (NHT),  a SAHF member organization, for over three years. In this role he worked with Congressional and HUD leadership to promote the preservation and improvement of affordable rental housing, including testifying before Congress on these issues. Halliday coordinated and chaired the Preservation Working Group, a coalition of 48 nonprofit organizations advocating for affordable rental housing preservation. He also supported NHT’s engagement with state and local governments to promote preservation and coordinated with NHT’s development and lending activities.

Prior to joining NHT,  Halliday was program director for affordable housing preservation at the Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC), where he provided support to SAHF members and other nonprofits purchasing affordable housing properties, and contributed to technical guides on preservation for nonprofit developers.

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