The Top 4 On-Demand Services Multifamily Renters Use

Learn how modern residents are streamlining their lives with services, and how building owners are using smart access to make the experience even better.

As the multifamily industry looks at various ways to meet renters’ needs, buildings are forced to stand out in order to stay competitive. In the past, many buildings turned to high-end amenities like swimming pools and dog parks to draw in prospective renters. But as space becomes increasingly limited, multifamily owners and developers need to make each square foot count. As a result, building developers are taking more thoughtful approaches to amenity add-ons while considering the things that renters care about most. 

More and more, residents are handing off these tasks to on-demand service providers—in fact, 42 percent—or 86.5 million—Americans said that they have used an on-demand service. 

Take a look at which on-demand service offerings are among the most popular among residents and how building owners can make the experience even better with Latch.

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